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The Damaged Spirit of the African Elephant

Finding Hope



Hope is sometimes obscured in our culture.  When it can be found and experienced, it is transformational.  In this project I will site the word “Hope” in neon around the D.C. area.  It will be installed  in unlikely places, with the neon glow facing away from the viewer, and onto the building’s structure.  The glow from the hidden source pulls the viewer to look more closely, at which point, they can see the word “Hope” in a soft white glow of neon.  The project is titled “Finding Hope.”  I will make it a public interest project as sites are discovered and reported back to the studio, finally being announced on social media.

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Knotted Gun

Ground Zero Series

Neon, wood, acrylic paint


To take the guns away from the citizens and the police – like England does.  

Missing Persons Flyers

Random Neons

I saw a news special on missing indigenous persons in the Southwest and how they are ignored. I realized that missing persons happen everywhere, including right in my backyard in Southeast DC. Having used neon in my artwork for 35 years, I thought of a new use: Emergency Neon to use the power of neon to draw attention to the issue. These neonized missing person flyers are available for public use.

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NBC 4 Nightly News in Washington D.C. ran a story about the Emergency Neon project.

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