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Thank you for your interest in the neon/light workshops. Please check back for new dates scheduled or email us to be put on the email distribution list for workshops. The cost of the workshop is $500 + the cost of a transformer, and enrollment is limited to 4 students. Please contact us for more information. The cost of the class includes a 4' long personal neon piece, which we will attach electrodes and fill with inert gas.



Weekend intensive neon/light workshop

This weekend course is structured for those who are beginning to explore neon and for those who have used the medium and intend to further their understanding and technical skills. This course is about light as a sculptural form, both how it is made and how it can be utilized in sculpture. The educational philosophy is one of openness-associates are expected to define their own goals with the aid of the instructor. The instructor’s role is to facilitate the free exploration of creative ideas, images, and techniques.




The course will cover early commercial neon development, the first artist utilizing neon, and a slide presentation of contemporary neon artists. In the studio, there will be demonstrations of glass tube bending, bombarding, and rare gas filling. Most importantly, associates have “hands on” access to the bending equipment and supervised access to the bombarding equipment. The critical and delicate procedures for tube and transfer mounting and wiring will be closely examined. Additionally, the various functions of neon tubing as a sculptural light source will be explored. Associates will have the opportunity to plan and create a project, working closely with the instructor. Class size is limited to five students.





  • Class runs from 10-4:30 pm on the Saturday and  10:30-4:30pm on Sunday of the scheduled weekend.

  • Participants will have one tube pumped during the workshop, more are allowed if time permits.

  • Access to equipment is allowed outside of class at a rate of $45 per hour. This is without instruction, however, set up of workstations and burner’s is provided.

  • Additional supplies are available for order through the studio. Supplies must be paid for as they are received.

  • If you plan to use materials other than neon in your project, you should have prior knowledge with those materials. The workshop only covers neon production and its uses.

  • We do not have room in the studio to construct a larger mixed media sculpture. In this case tubes would be made here and assembled in your own studio or home.


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